AASWG Releases 3rd Annual Research Symposium

In lieu of in-person presentations, this abstract book for Asian American Studies Working Group's third annual Asian American Studies Research Symposium hopes to showcase all the rich possibilities in Asian American Studies to better understand our community, our history, and our racial positionality. Thank you to Dr. Namakkal, Dr. Ku, and our thirteen amazing contributors for their research and reflections this year! The Asian American & Diaspora Studies Program at Duke still does not have major/minor tracks, dedicated classes, or the necessary support, resources, and structure for faculty. Follow AASWG on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more ways to get involved in this decades-long effort for Asian American studies at Duke.

To view the AASWG Research Symposium online: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EtshcryfMREnVKdg8nGPf3Di-AJ4iB2_/view?usp=sharing