AASWG releases multi-media publication, Margins

Margins is a multi-media, collaborative publication devoted to centering the narratives of Asian Americans and Asians in America. This publication is an intervention in the Asian/American community and an invitation for Asian/Americans to engage in more nuanced conversations about identity. We aim to (re)politicize Asian/American identity, expanding the vocabulary for understanding how we, as Asian/Americans, navigate our experiences. By bringing out voices from the margins, we want to build solidarity within the Asian/American community through stories that resonate with you. Bodies is the inaugural issue of Margins. Bodies is an expansive concept that is rooted in the Black intellectual tradition. It encapsulates the physical body, how we are perceived as racialized—but also gendered, classed, sexualized, and politicized—bodies. However, Bodies also refers to the body as a collective. Bodies goes beyond the individual human form, such as bodies of water, body counts, and bodies in the media.

To view Margins online: https://issuu.com/dukeaaswg/docs/aaswg2020margins

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