About Us

Duke University's Asian American and Diaspora Studies Program (AADS) offers interdisciplinary perspectives on the historical and current-day status of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and the Asian diaspora in our society and beyond. With a scope that reaches beyond the Duke community, we are focused on raising awareness, creating collaborative opportunities, forging partnerships and developing a Southeastern regional hub for Asian American and Diaspora Studies.

Our Mission

  • Enrich the experience at Duke and surrounding communities by contributing to an understanding of the long-neglected history, rich cultural heritage, and present position of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and the Asian Diaspora in our society and beyond, through pedagogy, public outreach, and programming.
  • Raise awareness about the significance of the long histories of Asians in America and the global Asian Diaspora and their mutual relationships to other minority, immigrant, and mainstream American histories at large, and the American and Global South in particular.
  • Create collaborative opportunities and partnerships within and beyond Duke and local Asian American communities.
  • Promote partnerships with other communities to develop and sustain mutual understanding about what it means to be American historically and in contemporary society for a sustainable future together.
  • Develop an Asian American and Diaspora Studies regional hub among universities and colleges throughout the Southeast region to produce a more inclusive narrative about American history on race and racism, with particular focus on the intersectional dynamics of race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class in the American South and the Global South.