Courses listed below are associated with the Asian American Studies Program. They include classes from across the humanities, social sciences, and professional schools — each with a focus on Asian American content.

Number Title Crosslistings Notes
AMES 357 Modern & Global India ICS 218, HISTORY 218 Instructor: Departmental Staff
AMES 372 Two Koreas HISTORY 473; CULANTH 473 Professor Aimee Kwon
CULANTH 210 Global Culture VMS 247 Instructor: Engseng Ho
CULANTH 80S.02 Migration and Refugees in a Global Context Instructor: Carla Hung
ENGLISH 89S Linguistic Landscapes Instructor: Dominika Marta Baran
HOUSECS 59 Understanding Your Asian American Experience Instructor: Carter Teng
HOUSECS59 The Making of Asian America Instructors: Tyler Lian & Emily Liu
AMES 132S Chinese Literature and Culture in Translation LIT 248S Instructor: Departmental Staff
AMES 172S Korean Literature in Translation: Local and Global Connections LIT 239S Instructor: Nayoung Aimee Kwon
AMES 177S Gateway: Gandhi, King, Mandela Instructor: Sumathi Ramaswamy
AMES 190S-02 Special Topics in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Korean Popular Music (KPOP) MUSIC 190S-02 Instructor: Jung-Min Mina Lee
ETHICS 195S Human Rights & Legal Redress: Seeking Justice through Human Rights PUBPOL 209S Instructor: Juliette Duara
HISTORY 130D American Dreams & American Realities N/A Instructor: Gerald L. Wilson
HISTORY 156S Gateway Seminar: Cold War America Instructor: Nancy MacLean
HISTORY 160S The Global Sixties: Race, Revolution, Sexuality GSF 160S, SXL 160S Instructor: James G. Chappel
HISTORY 183S Gateway Seminar: Civil Rights & Asian Americans AMES 187S, AAAS 133S, ICS 183S, RIGHTS 183S, PUBPOL 175S Instructor: Sucheta Mazumdar
WRITING 101 Asian American Memoir: Exploring Representation through Life Writing Instructor: Susan Thananopavarn
WRITING 101 Ethnofuturism: Writing the Future of Race Professor Susan Thananopavarn
WRITING 101 Asian American Narratives: Literature, History and Activism Instructor: Susan Thananopavarn
WRITING 101 The Myth of Meritocracy: Linguistic Anthropology, Education, and Equity Instructor: Haleema N Welji
CULANT H261D Race, Genomics, and Society AAAS261D, SCISOC258D, GLHLTH258D, CULANT H261D Instructor: Charmaine Royal
AAAS 242S - 01 Race, Gender, and Sexuality GSF 364S-01; SXL 264S-01 Professor Patrice Douglass
AAAS 257-01 Introduction to Racial and Ethnic Minorities in American Politics POLSCI 205-01; RIGHTS 205-01 Professor Ashley Jardina
AAAS 352 Pigging Out: The Cultural Politics of Food SOCIOL 374, ICS 206 Instructor: Michaeline Crichlow
AMES 309 Chinese Im/migration: Chinese Migrant Labor and Immigration to the US AMI 268-01; RIGHTS 309-01 Professor Carlos Rojas
AMES 211 Melodrama East and West Instructor: Ning Zhang
AMES 225 Islam in the Age of Trump: Race, Immigration, and Empire Instructor: Omid Safi
AMES 233 Global Chinese Cities through Literature and Film Professor Carlos Rojas
AMES 276S Introduction to Asian American & Diaspora Studies ENGLISH 275S, LIT 275S, HISTORY 274S, ICS 286S Instructor: Ryanson Alessandro Ku
AMES 295S Black Muslims: Race, Religion, & Culture AAAS 259S.01 , RELIGION 295S.01, ICS 222S.01, GSF 296S.01, RIGHTS 295S.01 Instructor: Ellen McLarney
AMES 308S Bilingualism Instructor: Hae-Young Kim
AMES 311S Poetic Cinema ICS311/VMS354/AMI266: Professor Satti Khanna
AMES 335 Chinatowns: A Cultural History HISTORY 228, AMI 337, ICS 336 Professor Eileen Chow
AMES319S Andalusia Instructor: Ellen McLarney
CULANTH 220FS - 01 Global ‘Mixed Race’ Studies: Global Perspectives on ‘Mixed Race’, Citizenship and Immigration Professor Jayne O Ifekwunigwe
DANCE 356 Dance & Dance Theater of Asia THEATRST 233, RELIGION 241, AMES 246, ICS 243 Instructor: Purnima Shah
DOCST 246 Feeding Diaspora Von Marie Diaz
ENGLISH 290S Asian American Gender and Sexuality AMES290S, ENGLISH290S, SOCIOL290S, GSF290S, LIT290S Instructor: Ryanson Ku
ENGLISH 390S US Empire Narratives AMES 390S - 03; LIT 390S Professor Ryanson Ku
GSF 290S.01 Adoption Ethics Instructors: Kathy Rudy / Juliette Duara
HISTORY 351 Islam in the Americas AAAS274/AMES230/RIGHTS374/RELIGION384 Professor Mona Hassan
HISTORY 352-01 Immigrant Dreams, U.S. Realities: Immigration Policy History PUBPOL 220 Professor Gunther Peck
ICS 290FS - 01 Global Histories of Empire, Migration, and Citizenship Professor Jessica Namakkal
ICS 335S Decolonization: Histories, Meanings, Struggles HISTORY 289S, GSF 335S Instructor: Jessica Namakkal
ICS 388S Global South Asia: History & Culture of Diaspora AMES 388S, HISTORY 298S, GSF 288S Instructor: Jessica Namakkal
ICS 390S Global South Asia Professor Jessica Namakkal
RELIGION 258 Religion and the Novel in Modern India AMES 255, ENGLISH 258 Instructor: Leela Prasad
RELIGION 265 Transnational Realities of an Ancient Tradition (Global Confucianism) Instructor: Anna X. Sun
SOCIOL 215 Sociology of Racism in America AAAS 246, LSGS 316, RIGHTS 215 Instructor: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
SOCIOL 346S Asians in American Higher Education EDUC 345S Professor Li-Chen Chin
THEATER 252FS - 01 Performance and Citizenship in Asian America Professor Esther K Lee
THEATRST 232S Asian American Theatre ENGLISH 387S, AMES 182S Instructor: Esther K. Lee
THEATRST 338 Globalization and Theater ICS 357 Instructor: Esther Kim Lee
AMES 438S Techno-Orientalism: Asian/America, (Post)Human and Science Fiction AMI 438S; CULANTH 438S; ICS 407S; SXL 438S; VMS 438S; GSF 438S; LIT 438S Professor Aimee Kwon
AMES 455S World of Gaming: Art, Theory, Technology, and Business of a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Industry Instructor: Nayoung Aimee Kwon
AMES 410S; 610S TRAUMA IN ASIA Professor Thomas Mark Lamarre
AMES 439 Queer China AMES439, CULANTH439, GSF439 Instructor: Carlos Rojas
AMES 476S Archiving and Visualizing Asia AMES476S, ICS411S, AMI476S, LIT476S, VMS476S, HISTORY446S, DOCST476S Instructor: Aimee Kwon
CHINESE 450S Understanding China & the US: Stereotypes, Conflicts, & Common Challenges Instructor: Yan Liu
HISTORY 454 Capstone Seminar: Globalization, Asia, America and Asian America: Food and Society HISTORY454S, AAAS407S, ICS412S, GSF412S, AMES 437S Professor Sucheta Mazumdar
AAAS 544 Race and American Politics /POLSCI525/PUBPOL526 Professor Paula D. McClain
AMES 690S - 02 Special Topics in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: Local/Global Mao Instructor: Young Ji Lee
AMES 605 East Asian Cultural Studies CULANTH 605, ICS 605, LIT 571 Instructor: Leo Ching
PUBPOL 526S - 01 Race and American Politics AAAS 544S-01; PUBPOL 526S-01 S Professor Ashley Jardina
AAAS 780 American Dreams and American Realities GSF/HISTORY/LIT780 Professor Wahneema Lubiano
MUSIC 790S Music and Intersectionality GSF 890S Professor Emily Wang
POLSCI 711S Politics, Groups, & Identities N/A (Graduate Students Only) Instructor: Ashley E. Jardina