The Gastropoetics of Asian/America: A Critical Food Studies Symposium Day 2

February 17, -
Speaker(s): Athia Choudhury, Anita Mannur, Mark Padoongpatt, and Margaret Rhee
Hosted by the Asian American and Diaspora Studies program at Duke University, this two-day hybrid symposium interrogates how forms of racial and gendered intimacies are mediated through food and eating cultures. Postcolonial feminist scholar Parama Roy theorized "gastropoetics" as an analytic for how food and eating map a sensorial experience of history, place, and colonial ordering alongside ways diasporic and migrant communities engage in their own sense-making. The Gastropoetics of Asian/America symposium turns to the visceral and mundane to ask: how does Asian/America make, break, and find itself through appetites and food storying? How do Asian/American and diasporic reflections on food, eating, and feeding illuminate the historical and contemporary formations of migration, war, and empire? What new or forgotten sensations might we uncover when engaging with Asian/American and diasporic food production, consumption, and eating practices?

The event will feature lectures and workshops from guest speakers Anita Mannur, Mark Padoongpatt, and Margaret Rhee. Join us for delicious food and conversation!

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Asian American and Diaspora Studies