Huiyin Zhou 徽音

Huiyin Zhou

Undergraduate Research Fellow

Class of 2024
Major in Cultural Anthropology; Minor in Asian American & Diaspora Studies; Certificate in Documentary Studies

Born and raised in the industrial hub of Dongguan, China, huiyin zhou 徽音 (they/she) is a transnational queer feminist organizer and community-based photographer, writer, translator and multimedia artist. They are based in Guangdong, NYC, and Durham, NC. They work with digital and analog photography, text, installation, and performance. Creating with intimate and tender sensibilities, huiyin explores themes related to queer feminism, intimacy, memory, diaspora, and community and approaches photography with a relational, reciprocal praxis. 

With AADS' support, they are working on a thesis project on Chinese queer feminist art and organizing.